Andrzej Pastwa

Deputy editor-in-chief
Pavol Dancák

Members of the Board
Krzysztof Wieczorek (Chair of Philosophy Department)
Tomasz Gałkowski (Chair of Law Department)

Statistical editor
Wojciech Świątkiewicz

Kinga Karsten, Witold Kania

English language editor
Michelle Adamowski

French language editor
Dorota Śliwa

Italian language editor
Agnieszka Gatti

Vol. 1.

Pavol Dancák
Family and Polis. The Socio-Philosophical Legacy of Plato and Aristotle at the Present Time


Krzysztof Wieczorek
The Family in the Contemporary World. Catholic Social Teaching and Gender

Helena Hrehová
The Role of the Women in the Development of Human Rights

Aneta Gawkowska
New Feminism as a Response to the Modern Crisis of Community

Yosyp Veresh
Love as a Gift of Self. Call to Holiness in Christian Marriage in the Light of Eastern Monasticism

Witold Kania
Moral Issues of Advance Directives

Andrzej Pastwa
“Common Good of Marriage and the Family.” Canonical Reflections

Tomasz Gałkowski
Sovereign Family

Piotr Majer
The Significance of the Canonical Form of Marriage

Stanislav Přibyl
Effects of Matrimonial Canon Law: Pastoral Aspects

Piotr Kroczek
Church Teaching on Marriage and Family as an Instruction for the State Legislator in the Context of Poland

Lucjan Świto
Family as a Subject of Protection in the State Family Policy

Vol. 2

Pavol Dancák
Christian Thinking in Secular Context

Leo D. Lefebure
Gaudium et Spes, Nostra Aetate, Dignitatis Humanae, and the Opening of the Catholic Church to Other Religious Traditions

Rudolf Dupkala
Conflict or Dialogue of Cultures in the Context of Current Migrations

Krzysztof Wieczorek
“Behold, Now Is the Acceptable Time for a Change of Heart.” A Christian Response to the Migration Problem

Witold Kania
Gaudium et Spes on Human Dignity and Its Implications in Bioethics

Jan Koblížek
Evaluating Political Society in Rerum Novarum in the Context of Francisco Suárez’s Social Doctrine and Its Development in Gaudium et Spes

John Hittinger
Three Dimensions of Catholic Political Participation: Dignity, Secularity, and Witness

Stanislav Přibyl
Gaudium et Spes: Between Pastoral Character and Prescriptive Obligatoriety

Tomasz Gałkowski
Correlation of Rights and Duties of the Faithful in the Constitution Gaudium et Spes and Its Influence on the Formulations in the Code of Canon Law

Damián Němec
Specific Accents in the Rights and Obligations of Christian Faithful in the CCEO and Their Actual Relevance

Józef Krukowski
Culture and Law in Pluralistic Society

Mirosław Sitarz
Relations between Church and State in Gaudium et Spes

Andrzej Pastwa
Gaudium et Spes: An Enormous Step towards Overcoming the Dualism between Natural Marriage and the Sacrament of Matrimony

Lucjan Świto
Responsible Parenthood in the Context of Contemporary Challenges

Małgorzata Tomkiewicz
Femininity and Masculinity as a Legal Issue

Elżbieta Szczot
Family in the Face of Globalization

Vol. 3

Leo D. Lefebure
Ancient Mediterranean Roots of Perspectives on Human Rights

Pavol Dancák
The Human Person’s Dignity and Place in the World

Aneta Gawkowska
Looking for Foundations: Nature, Society, and Rights

John P. Hittinger
The Revolution of Conscience in Centesimus Annus

Krzysztof T. Wieczorek
Józef Tischner’s Ethics of Solidarity

Arkadiusz Wuwer
Is the Catholic Church’s Involvement in the Economy Necessary?

Roman Míčka
Pope John Paul II’s Criticism of “Human Rightism” and Its Further Development

Józef Krukowski
The Standpoint of the Holy See on Communism. From Benedict XV to John Paul II

Małgorzata Tomkiewicz
Cooperation of Common Courts and Ecclesiastical Courts in Poland for the Common and Individual Good

Lucjan Świto
Does Labor Law Apply in the Church? An Analysis of the socio-Legal Conditions on the Example of Latin Church in Poland

Andrzej Pastwa
In the Circle of the “Culture of Indissolubility”: Family as the First and Fundamental Structure of “Human Ecology”

Michał Poniatowski
The Family as an Entity in the Polish Legal Order

Damián Němec
Legal Subject of Family in the Czech Judicial System

Stanislav Přibyl
The Principle of Subsidiarity in the Code of Canon Law