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Philosophy and Canon Law” 2020, Vol. 6: Between the Culture of the Right to Responsible Parenthood and the Culture of the “New” Human Rights: Reproductive and Sexual (II)

Robert Benne, Pavol Dancák, Tomasz Gałkowski, Piotr Kroczek, Andrzej Pastwa, Stanislav Přibyl, Lucjan Świto, ed. Andrzej Pastwa

The periodical “Philosophy and Canon Law” constitutes an open interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of philosophers and lawyers’ (canonists’) reflections, including representatives of different fields of study. Coping with the issues undertaken in thematic annuals is – from its very assumption – an attempt of providing an answer to complex problems of the dynamically changing world: social, religious, cultural and civilizational. The leading thread of philosophical and legal contemplation in the next two volumes of the journal (I–II), triggered somehow by the context of the 50th anniversary of Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae Encyclical, concentrates around the issues defined by the title and subtitle of the first article by Prof. Marian Machinek: Reproductive Rights versus the Christian Culture of the Body. Two Different Perspectives. “The main point of the disagreement – according to the Autor – between the concept of reproductive rights and the Christian culture of the body concerns the meaning of human corporeality. For the former, human body is, in a certain way, ‘outside’ of the self-determining subject”. The entire volume constitutes an attempt of an answer to the recent appeal of Pope Francis: “We need to return to the message of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae” (Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, n. 82).

Part One
Canon Law

  • Robert Benne, God’s Holy Ordinance
  • Tomasz Gałkowski, Natural Law and Human Right. The casus of Contraception (Comments from the Level of Law)
  • Andrzej Pastwa, Responsible Procreation – Co-Responsibility of Spouses. From Adequate Anthropology to the Legal Anthropology of Matrimony
  • Lucjan Świto, “New Human Rights” and the Ban on Sexual Intercourse between Relatives. Legal Contemplation
  • Stanislav Přibyl, Fundamental Rights: Comparison of the Approaches in the Canon Law and in the Civil Law
  • Piotr Kroczek, Culture as one of the Determinants of Church and State Legislation

Part Two

  • Andrzej Pastwa, Il bene dei coniugi. L’identificazione dell’elemento ad validitatem nella giurisprudenza della Rota RomanaStanislav Přibyl
  • Mária Potočárová, Etika v rodinných vzťahochPavol Dancák
  • Carlo Fantappiè, Per un cambio di paradigma. Diritto canonico, teologia e riforme nella ChiesaTomasz Gałkowski

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