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Philosophy and Canon Law” 2021, Vol. 7/2: Semicentennial of Karol Wojtyła’s “The Acting Person”: Ideas – Contexts – Inspirations (II)

The periodical “Philosophy and Canon Law” constitutes an open interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of philosophers and lawyers’ (canonists’) reflections, including representatives of different fields of study. Coping with the issues undertaken in thematic annuals is – from its very assumption – an attempt of providing an answer to complex problems of the dynamically changing world: social, religious, cultural and civilizational.
By the means of their titles the two subsequent volumes of the semiannual announce multiperspective reflection upon the epochal work of the great promoter of integral anthropology – personalism, Karol Wojtyła, the future Pope Saint John Paul II. The purpose of this scientific project is meaningfully underlined by the author of the text marking the beginning of the scientific contemplation, Prof. Jarosław Merecki. “To understand the philosophy of Karol Wojtyła, it is not enough to read this or that book; one has to make an effort to participate personally in the experiences that underlie his philosophy. Only in this way we will be able to follow the path that the philosopher pointed out to us”.

Part One
Canon Law

  • Daniel Wagner, On Karol Wojtyła’s Aristotelian Method in “The Acting Person”: Induction and Reduction as Aristotelian Induction (ἐπαγωγή) and Division (διαίρεσις) (Part II)
  • Adrian Reimers, The Consumer Ideology and the Truth about Man
  • Tomasz Gałkowski, Participation in the “Synodal Way”. A few Comments in the Light of K. Wojtyła`s Theory of Participation
  • Stanislav Přibyl, Human Person in the Code of Canon Law of John Paul II
  • Andrzej Pastwa, “Person” in CIC and CCEO Matrimonial Law. Around the Idea of Vetera et Nova Harmonisation in the Church Doctrine and Jurisprudence
  • Damián Němec, “Person” in the Law of Religious
  • Elżbieta Szczot, “Person” in the Polish Family and Guardianship Code
  • Małgorzata Chojara-Sobiecka, Piotr Kroczek, Personal Data Protection as an Expression of Personalism

Part Two

  • Tomasz Gałkowski, Ogólne zasady prawa w prawie kanonicznym — Andrzej Pastwa
  • Carlo Fantappiè, Ecclesiologia e Canonistica — Tomasz Gałkowski
  • Spiritual Care in Public Institution in Europe, eds. Jiří Rajmund Tretera, Záboj Horák — Monika Menke

“Philosophy and Canon Law” 2022, Vol. 8/1: Nomos – Ethos – Oikonomia.
In memory of Professor Józef Tischner

“Philosophy and Canon Law” 2022, Vol. 8/2: Nomos – Ethos – Oikonomia.
In memory of Professor Remigiusz Sobański

“Philosophy and Canon Law” 2023, Vol. 9/1: Accompany Man in the Digital Age (I)

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